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Your Jeans Matter

When you support Jeans For Genes

Providing Aids

Despite the many options available to those with a hereditary cancer predisposition to manage and reduce cancer risks, cost is a concern for some individuals. Not everyone is able to afford the costs associated with genetic testing, treatment and medical interventions/care needed to help understand, manage or reduce these risks. However, this should not be a barrier to access proper care. Subsidies and financial aid for preventive care and genetic testing can be made available to needy patients. This is where the funds you help us raise will go to. Your support can save lives.

Improving Research

Thanks to research efforts, our understanding of genetic contributors to disease is continuing to evolve. Understanding what drives cancer predisposition allows us to better treat or prevent it. Our research aims to expand knowledge and improve patient care. Your support today can allow for greater advancements to improve medical care for all tomorrow.

Advancing Care

Demand for genetic services and cancer risk management continues to increase. The money raised will help us to expand our service to better cope with the demand and provide timely and better care to all our patients.

Giving Hope

Your efforts can help us to raise awareness about hereditary cancer and other hereditary conditions and the ways that it can be managed. Cancer is often thought to be terminal. However, with medical advancements today, there is much that can be done to prevent, manage and cure it. Through Jeans For Genes, aid us in giving hope by eliminating these misconceptions surrounding cancer.

So what are you waiting for?

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