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Get Your Jeans On

Make a donation at our online Giving page

Visit our Jeans For Genes giving page and make a donation today. Your little act of kindness goes a long way to improve research, advance care and give hope to the many lives affected by cancer.

Let your support be known!

Show off that gorgeous Denim to the world by letting them know that you support the Jeans For Genes campaign! Encourage your friends and family to join the fight in preventing cancer.

Wondering how to make your shoutout on social media?

Rally others and Lead the fight against cancer

Join us in the fight against cancer! Make a big difference now by becoming an online fundraiser. Follow the 3 easy steps below and be the hero that can help prevent cancers in more people.

Step 1: Visit our giving page

Step 2: Click on “Fundraise” and set up your giving page.

Step 3: Start fundraising by sharing your page link to family and friends!

If you are experiencing problems in creating your giving page, drop us an email at

Tips for online fundraising

  1. Show your passion

    Know a friend or a family member who is affected, or at increased risk of cancer? Fundraise as a symbol of hope for them and for many others. By showing people you are passionate about getting involved, they are more likely to support your efforts, or they might even join you and fundraise alongside you!

  2. Make the first step

    Start your fundraising journey by making a personal donation through your giving page. It sets an example to encourage others to follow.

  3. Expand your reach through online channels

    Amplify your fundraising efforts through digital media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or even on your blog. Rally support from your audience and by reaching out to more who believe in your cause, the larger the impact you create.

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Get creative with your fundraising efforts. Here, let us help you:

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraise at Work