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Jeans For Genes

What is Jeans For Genes?

Jeans For Genes is a campaign established by the National Cancer Centre Singapore to spread awareness about hereditary cancer and raise funds to support the work being done by the Cancer Genetics Service (CGS).

Funds raised will be used to drive research, expand knowledge and advance care for those with increased genetic risk of developing cancer.

Singaporeans are encouraged to unite and celebrate Jeans For Genes day on 25 April – World DNA Day – by wearing their favorite jeans or wearing blue, making a donation and purchasing Jeans For Genes merchandise to join in the fight against cancer.

Here are 5 reasons why you should participate in Jeans For Genes Day

  1. It is fun and simple to organize. All you have to do is ask people to make a donation and spend their day’s routine in their jeans.
  2. Get involved and highlight your support on the web or social media.
  3. This is a great way to bring a team, a department, a whole company or a group of friends together!
  4. Wearing jeans and having some fun with your blue or denim outfit can help start the weekend a bit earlier. Don’t forget to shout it out using the hashtag #J4GSG on your social media.
  5. You help many individuals who are at high risk of developing cancer. Your efforts help spread the awareness about hereditary cancer and funds raised through your support aid in the battle against cancer.