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Jeans For Genes

Your Jeans Have The Power To Save Lives

Jeans For Genes is a campaign first established in UK to raise awareness for a diverse group of hereditary conditions. As of today, the Jeans For Genes movement has moved beyond the shores of UK and is adopted by countries around the world to fund research, diagnose and advance understanding to find cures or treatments.

In Singapore, the Jeans For Genes campaign established by the National Cancer Centre Singapore aims to spread awareness about hereditary cancer and to raise funds to support the work done by the Cancer Genetics Service (CGS). Be it through donations or spreading the word by making a shout out while wearing your favourite pair of jeans, these efforts contribute to a bigger effort of promoting early detection of cancers to prevent, manage and cure it better.

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When You Support Jeans For Genes

Your Jeans Matter

Get involved! It's easy!

There are three main ways that you can be involved in the campaign as shown:

Whether or not you make a monetary donation, you can contribute to the fight against cancer in your own way. Click on the links to find out how else you can be involved through this campaign!

Get Your Jeans On

What's hereditary cancer?

Although hereditary cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer, the cost to detect, prevent and manage it may not be affordable to some. Through the Jean For Genes campaign where we promote awareness about hereditary cancer and raise funds, your support can go a long way in ensuring that cost is not a barrier to treatment. This can benefit more people in receiving timely interventions to prevent and manage their cancer risks.

What's Hereditary Cancer?

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