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Support Programmes

At NCCS, we strive to provide a holistic approach to support you and your loved ones in cancer management. Our patient support programmes are designed to help address pertinent concerns that patients and caregivers may face, across the cancer trajectory. The programmes are available to all cancer patients, survivors and caregivers in Singapore, and are free-of-charge unless otherwise stated.

  • Living Well Programme

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    16 November 2022, Wednesday

    2.30pm - 4.00pm

    Room: L2-T1 Academia, Level 2

    Diet & Nutrition in Cancer Post Treatment & Survivorship

    Cancer patients often need to be mindful of their dietary needs during and after treatment to manage some of the treatment side effects better. What are certain nutritional needs that cancer patients may require more of as compared to others? 

    Join us for an afternoon with dietitian, Ms. Nur Asyikin, as she shares more about the nutritional needs in cancer care journey.

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  • Patient Empowerment Programme

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