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Larynx Cancer

Larynx Cancer - How to prevent?

Larynx Cancer - Treatments

Early stage cancers of the larynx are treated with radiotherapy and this allows the patients to have their voice boxes preserved. 70% to 95% of patients treated this way achieve local control. Surgery can salvage cases where radiotherapy fails. More advanced tumours may be treated with radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy or surgery followed by radiotherapy. Patients who have had their larynxes removed by surgery can continue to speak in one of the following three ways:


  • Oesophageal speech (using air from the stomach)
  • Amplification by an electronic device placed against the neck while speaking or
  • Having a prosthetic device inserted into the tracheostome.

Larynx Cancer - Preparing for surgery

Larynx Cancer - Post-surgery care

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