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Division of Medical Oncology

Division of Medical Oncology
Level 3
National Cancer Centre Singapore
65 6436 8000
We are committed to the highest levels of clinical service and research excellence, and with many drug trials ongoing so that our patients have access to the newest treatments available.

Strong Team-Based, Evidence-based Practice

We are a large team of specialists seeing up 6,000 new cases a year. All consultants are qualified in general oncology, while having a subspecialty focus to maximise the quality of clinical care in that particular area. We are organised into the following sub-specialist teams:

  • Gastro-Intestinal Team: Oesophageal, gastric, intestinal, colon, rectum, anal and hepatobiliary cancers including liver, gallbladder, bile duct
  • Thoracic, Head & Neck, Uro-genital: Lung, mesothelioma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, kidney, prostate, bladder, germ cell cancers
  • Women’s Cancers: Breast, Ovarian, Cervical, Endometrium
  • Lymphoma and Sarcoma
  • Cancer Genetics
  • Oncology in the Elderly
  • Experimental Cancer Therapeutics Unit (ECRU)

We are continuously upgrading and expanding our clinical services to keep up with the rapid developments in Oncology worldwide.


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