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Division of Medical Oncology

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We work closely with other cancer specialists to provide multidisciplinary care to our patients, through case discussions, sub-specialty tumour board meetings, and collaborative research. Our specialists are committed to the highest levels of clinical service, with patients and their families, at the heart of all we do.

As a team, we are driven to improve the outcomes and care for all cancer patients through our many cutting-edge research activities, ranging from studies to better understand cancer as a disease, to finding new and innovative ways to treat and lift the burden of cancer on our patients. As a leading cancer centre in the region, we also bring many promising international drug trials to our patients locally.     

We are organised into the following sub-specialist teams:

• Gastro-Intestinal Oncology: Oesophageal, gastric, intestinal, colon, rectum, anal and hepatobiliary cancers including liver, gallbladder, bile duct

• Thoracic, Head and Neck, and Urogenital Oncology: Lung cancers, mesotheliomas, nasopharyngeal and other head and neck cancers, kidney, prostate, bladder and germ cell cancers

• Women’s Oncology: Breast, Ovarian, Cervical, Endometrium cancers

• Lymphoma and Sarcoma Oncology: Lymphoid malignancies, soft tissue and bone cancers, and other sarcomas

• Cancer Genetics

• Experimental Cancer Therapeutics Unit (ECRU)  


We are continuously upgrading and expanding our clinical services to keep up with the rapid developments in Oncology worldwide.


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