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Division of Surgical Oncology

Contact Information
Division of Surgical Oncology
Level 2
National Cancer Centre Singapore
 65 6436 8000

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The Division of Surgical Oncology is an important cornerstone of the clinical services at NCCS. Almost all tumours require surgical expertise to obtain tissues for diagnosis, and the first line treatment for nearly all solid tumours is surgical resection. The division adopts a wide approach to surgical measures for cancer and the surgical faculty are key members of multidisciplinary teams that subserve all tumour types. Their expertise, wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with that of other oncology specialists, ensures complete and balanced assessment and management for all patients, allowing NCCS to provide the best quality cancer care to its patients.

The division also provides treatment management plans and protocols that will streamline patient care and ensure uniformity of cancer care. Surgical diseases which require other additional therapy within the NCCS will be managed with a multi-disciplinary network to ensure best possible care for all patients at all times.


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