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Other Resources

We provide free printed information on various aspects of cancers for you to read and share with others.

You can also download a copy of these publications from a list of cancer information booklets here.

For counselling, cancer information and registration for public education programmes, loaning of wig, as well as request for publications, please call the Cancer Helpline at (65) 6225 5655 or email to

            ​Guide to Central Venous Catheter_Eng.png Guide to Central Venous Catheter_Chi.png
                   Guide to Central Venous Cathether (Eng)                        Guide to Central Venous Cathether (Chi)      
           ​Guide to Implanted Port_Eng.png            Guide to Implanted Port_Chi.png            ​
            Guide to Implanted Port (Eng) Guide to Implanted Port (Chi)
           Guide to Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter_Eng.pngGuide to Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter_Chi.png
​Guide to Peripherally Inserted Central Cathether (Eng)Guide to Peripherally Inserted Central Cathether (Chi)​
Medication Therapy Management (MTM) in Elderly Patients​ Your Guide to Chemotherapy​