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Our Mission

​To execute this transnational-international academic-industry effort, we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team consisting of leading Investigators from 10 institutions across Singapore, covering globally competitive expertise in the virus, tumour microenvironment, immunity, omics, molecular biology, metabolism, immuno-imaging and translational/clinical development especially in immunotherapeutics, partnered by key academics and multiple industry partners. The organizational structure, collaborative research, and data-sharing model in this proposal are designed specifically to leverage this multidisciplinary expertise and maximize the rapid translation of innovative discoveries and therapies.

The specific aims include:

  1. In-depth characterisation of the immunosuppressive microenvironment across VDCs,
  2. Identify the specific mechanism(s) that drive VDC-related immunosuppression, including response and resistance to immunotherapy, and
  3. Target mechanism(s) in pre-clinical models to translate towards better cancer immunotherapies.