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The VICTORY Team & Research Focus

From left: A/Prof John Connolly, A/Prof Paul MacAry, A/Prof Ramanuj DasGupta, Prof Salvatore Albani, A/Prof Han Chong Toh, Prof William Hwang, Dr Valerie Chew, Prof Boon Cher Goh, Prof Wee Joo Chng , Dr Russell Ericksen, Dr Timothy Shue

Corresponding Principal Investigator 

The VICTORY programme is headed by A/Prof Han Chong Toh, Senior Consultant and former Head at the Division of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS). He is now Deputy Medical Director (Strategic Partnerships) and Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Cell Therapy and Cancer Vaccine at NCCS. He has been conducting basic, translational and clinical research in human cancers for almost 20 years. 

Scientific Themes and Principal Investigator

VICTORY’s research comprises five pillars of scientific themes focusing on the investigation of the VDC-induced immunosuppression from five major angles:

​Theme Title
​Theme (PI)s and Institutions
​Theme 1
The Virus​A/Prof Han Chong TOH *(NCCS)
A/Prof Paul MACARY (NUS)
Prof William HWANG (NCCS/SGH)
​Theme 2
​The Tumour​A/Prof Ramanuj DASGUPTA*(GIS, A*STAR)
Theme 3​​Immune Microenvironment​A/Prof John CONNOLLY*(IMCB, A*STAR)
Prof Salvatore ALBANI (TII, SingHealth)
A/Prof Subhra K. BISWAS (SIgN, A*STAR)
Dr Valerie CHEW (TII, SingHealth)
Theme 4​​Metabolism​Prof Weiping HAN* (IMCB, A*STAR)
A/Prof Subhra K. BISWAS (SIgN, A*STAR)
Theme 5​​Therapeutic Intervention​A/Prof Han Chong TOH* (NCCS)
Prof Wee Joo CHNG (NCIS)
Prof William HWANG (NCCS/SGH)
Prof Boon Cher GOH (NCIS)

*Theme Lead Principal Investigator