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Hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) Cancers

DSSO hosts the multi-disciplinary Comprehensive Liver Cancer Clinic (CLCC) at NCCS comprising HPB surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologist, nuclear medicine physicians, interventional radiologists, oncologic diagnostic radiologists, pathologists and nurse practitioners. The CLCC manages the whole spectrum of patients with HPB malignancies and multi-disciplinary case discussions are conducted twice a week. The HPB surgery team is heavily involved in clinically-driven cutting-edge translational and clinical studies that aim to interrogate the molecular and mechanistic basis of liver cancer, improve patient diagnosis and prognosis and develop novel therapies for HPB diseases by bringing discoveries from the bench to the bedside that can be translated to the next effective therapy. 
The HPB discipline has vast experiences in conducting multicentre clinical trials and has spearheaded numerous investigator-initiated multicentre HCC clinical trials through the Program in Translational and Clinical Liver Cancer Research in NCCS led by Professor Pierce Chow. Nested within the program is the Secretariat of the Asia-Pacific Hepatocellular Carcinoma (AHCC) Trials group which has over 50 sites in 17 different countries and has completed 7 multi-centre prospective studies with several more clinical studies in the pipeline. The team recently completed enrolment of a 2500-patient, 33-site real world data Asia-Pacific HCC Registry (AHCC 08) and will soon commence a new large cohort study involving 2,000 patients at risk for HCC and a parallel cohort of 100 patients with HCC across 6 specialist centers and 8 polyclinics in Singapore (AHCC10).
The team also coordinates the NMRC Flagship Translational and Clinical Research Program in Liver Cancer (AHCC07) and the multi-institutional PuRPOSE Program to develop a patient-specific diagnostic and predictive platform to improve treatment of liver cancer. The AHCC07 program conducts the world’s first prospective multi-national, multi-omnics (genomics, immunomics, metabolomics) HCC study in surgically resected HCC cohort. In both our translational research platforms, we collaborate closely with leading research institutes including the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), Singapore Phenome Centre (SPC), the Translational Immunology Institute (TII), Duke-NUS, Cancer Science Institute (CSI) and the Dept of Biological Science, NUS, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium (SBIC), the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) and Samsung Medical Center, South Korea. This multi-institutional collaboration brings together different world-class scientific expertise to bear on the challenges of HCC. This multi-institutional collaboration brings together different world-class scientific expertise to bear on the challenges of HCC.