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Medication Delivery Service

Need More Medicine?

Have your medicines all packed and ready for you to cut your queue/wait time at the Pharmacy. Better yet, opt for FREE Delivery to your home or a locker box near you!*

* In order to enjoy medication delivery, the pharmacy will need to keep your original prescription. Sign up here and place your original prescription with the Pharmacy the next time you go down. Let us do all the work for you. Terms & conditions apply.

To top-up your medicine, please ensure you:

  1. Are an existing SingHealth patient who have received consultation at our Specialist Outpatient Clinics, National Specialty Centres or Polyclinics
  2. Are requesting for medicines which you have taken before
  3. Have your prescription and/or medicine label handy (you will need to take photos of these)
Click here to make an online medicine top-up request


Our Outpatient Pharmacy supplies mainly self-administered medication to patients. Other services available at our Outpatient Pharmacy include:

Home Delivery

This Home Delivery Service is provided for patients/customers who wish to:

  • have their purchases delivered directly to their home.
  • place an order directly from home.
  • have their prescriptions refilled from home.

For refill of prescriptions, the first collection may be made at NCCS pharmacy and the original copy of the prescription must be kept by the pharmacy. The amount you wish to buy in each refill is subject to current supply guidelines in the institution.

Terms and Conditions

Once an order is confirmed, any changes must be made 7 days before delivery date.

If the customer is not around to receive the ordered items, a return trip fee of $8, along with a redelivery fee of $8 will be billed.

For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept return of any drugs or items purchased.

All deliveries are restricted to mainland Singapore only.

To sign up for Medication Delivery Service, please download the hardcopy form and bring your prescription to the Pharmacy.

Medication Management

This service is designed to help you manage your medicines appropriately.

  • We help you reorganise your medicines by sorting them out, disposing the unnecessary or expired ones, and re-labeling them.
  • We offer counseling and advice on the proper use of medicines.
  • We provide medication information materials.

You may therefore make an appointment with our pharmacists at +65 6436 8091 if you have:

  • Medicines at home that can no longer be used.
  • Queries on the safe disposal of your medicines.
  • Queries on the proper medicine indication and instruction.

Outpatient Pharmacy Helpdesk

Our aim is to enhance, expand and extend the quality of care available to our patients and their caregivers. This helpdesk can help you with:

  • Additional supply of drugs should your appointment be deferred.
  • Supply of maintenance drugs should you be prescribed insufficiently to last till your next doctor's visit.
  • Arrangement for home delivery of prescribed drugs or retail items.
  • Re-fill of maintenance drugs remaining in a valid prescription.

Counseling Services

We provide counseling on the proper use of prescribed medicines, their side effects, the precautions to be taken, drug interactions, proper storage conditions, management of missed doses and other information peculiar to a specific drug or patient.

Smoking Cessation Counseling

At the National Cancer Centre Singapore, we understand the unique challenges of quitting smoking while focusing on cancer treatments. If you are a cancer patient who smokes, you should consider quitting smoking, whether or not your cancer is smoking-related. Studies have shown that cancer patients who stop smoking tend to have better responses to chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, and have fewer side effects from treatments. We ensure that patients who are interested in quitting smoking are offered support.

Your consult with our counselors will cover the following:

  • Assessment of your medical history and cancer treatment status
  • Assessment of your smoking behaviour and triggers
  • Formulation of a suitable quit smoking plan to suit your lifestyle and cancer treatment schedule
  • Assessment of your need for nicotine replacement and/or behavioural therapies
  • Management of cravings, stress and withdrawal symptoms

For an appointment, you may obtain your Oncologist's referral or contact us directly.


Level 1, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am - 12.30pm

Sunday/Public Holiday: Closed

Contact Us

Tel: +65 6436 8091

Fax: +65 6220 1347

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