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Oncology Pharmacy


Our Oncology Pharmacy specialises in drug preparation and dispensing of intravenous chemotherapy at the Ambulatory Treatment Unit (ATU). Other services available at our Oncology Pharmacy include:

- Chemotherapy Counseling

We provide counseling on the symptoms and management of adverse reaction to chemotherapy or other related medications.

- Clinical Trial Unit

Pharmacy (Clinical Trial) unit support services to over 60 clinical trials both in-house and commercial. Range of services provided include, but not limited to, managing investigational products storage and accountability, blinding, randomisation, and providing professional advice in pharmacy-related issues in clinical trials.

- Medication Therapy Management (MTM) for Elderly Patients

This service is open to all NCCS patients above 65 years old for a detailed review of all medications (prescription, over-the-counter, herbal and nutritional supplements) to ensure that your current medication therapy is safe and effective.

Please call our Oncology Pharmacy +65 6306 1667 to make an appointment for this service.


ATU - Level 10, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Compounding Hub - Level B1, National Cancer Centre Singapore

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Tel: +65 6306 1667

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