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Translational Cancer Biology

​Research head:​Dr Darren Wan-Teck LIM
​Research team:

​Dr Elaine LIM

Dr Kah Yee GOH

Terence CHENG

Su Chin THAM

The Translational Cancer Biology (TCB) Laboratory focuses on developing biological correlates relevant to clinical trials and the translational arena, and on establishing an interface between engineering and medicine. Specific areas include:

  1. Circulating cancer markers; e.g. circulating tumour cells (CTC). The laboratory has been developing CTC technologies in collaboration with the NUS Mechanobiology Institute and local start-up companies, such as Biolidics. We are looking at the utility of these markers in the establishment of diagnosis and during treatment, and their potential utility as screening tools in conjunction with existing screening technologies, such as low-dose computed tomography in lung cancer.

  2. Establishing in vitro primary cell line cultures. The laboratory has established ovarian disease models across a variety of malignant and benign ovarian conditions. These models will be used to understand the biological progression of disease and for discovery of novel drug targets relevant to the disease model. We are expanding this into other tumour histologies such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma and collaborating with like-minded investigators on humanised mouse models.

  3. Extracellular matrix signatures relevant to cancer. We adopted a big data approach to differential gene expression and mining public data, and have described a novel gene expression signature that prognosticates across lung and other cancer types. We are now looking into correlating this signature in CTCs for metastasis, and examining gene expression changes in whole tumours to draw relations to the immune response and the development of resistance.

Dr. Darren Lim is a clinician-scientist awardee and senior Principal Investigator at IMCB, A*Star. He is an active international clinical trialist, and is the Research Director of SingHealth Lung Disease Centre.

Selected publications:

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