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Psychosocial Oncology

Cancer brings extraordinary challenges for patients and their families. Apart from the demands of medical investigations and treatment, patients and their loved ones are faced with tremendous stress living and coping with the illness. The emotional upheaval accompanying cancer diagnosis and treatment can have significant impact on the coping ability of the patients and their loved ones. Psychological, social and emotional support can ease the strain of a challenging illness and enhance coping. In NCCS, we believe in the importance of psychosocial care throughout your cancer journey.


The Department of Psychosocial Oncology (DPO) comprises Clinical Psychologists, Medical Social Workers and others who are additionally qualified as art therapist, family therapist, genetic counselor, psychotherapist and counsellors. Together, we provide a wide range of psychosocial services to help patients and their loved ones deal with the practical, emotional and psychological demands of the cancer journey.


Services are available at our department to help our patients and their loved ones deal with psychological and emotional challenges, through individual or family counselling, psychotherapy and group-work. These may include:

  • Acceptance and treatment related issues
  • Anxiety disorders (panic disorders, phobias) linked to cancer treatment
  • Mood disorders
  • Stress and adjustment difficulties
  • Psychological chronic pain management
  • Insomnia
  • Grief and bereavement


At a practical and supportive level, medical social workers assess and harness resources to meet the needs of our patients and their families, such as financial aid to help with medical costs and facilitating care arrangements. Patients and their families are empowered to make the necessary adjustments to living with cancer.

Additionally, a range of patient support groups and programmes are available to patients and their caregivers with the intent of reducing distress, enhancing knowledge on the illness, improving coping and quality of life.

You may contact us for our services below: 

  • Psychological Services, Medical Social Services, Counselling and Financial Assistance: (65) 6306 1777
  • Patient Support Programmes: (65) 6306 1777

or email us at for more details of our services.   

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