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Department of Sarcoma Peritoneal and Rare Tumours (SPRinT)

Our Care Team

Contact Information
Singapore General Hospital, Academia, Level 4
65 6220 7765
(for departmental matters only)

​The SPRinT team comprises of highly trained surgical oncologists specializing in the management of sarcomas, peritoneal disease, gastrointestinal and advanced intra-abdominal malignancies, and skin cancers.  The management of these tumours requires an individualized and holistic approach for each patient. As such, the SPRinT team works closely with specialists from various other sub-specialties to achieve the best outcome for each of our patients.

The SPRinT team are a big part of the weekly multidisciplinary tumour boards meetings, where surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and allied health staff discuss complex cancer cases in order to reach comprehensive treatment decisions.  Our surgical oncologists also push the boundaries for cancer care via collaborative research, state-of-the-art clinical trials and translational laboratory research.  On the education front, the department invests heavily in training the next generation of doctors, surgical trainees and aspiring surgical oncologists in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.


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