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Cancer Education and Information

Anyone affected by cancer would probably want to know more about the disease.  At NCCS, we believe in going the extra mile to help patients in their battle against cancer by providing pertinent support that help them cope with the disease.

The Cancer Education and Information Service (CEIS) provides timely and reliable cancer information to patients, healthcare professionals and the community through comprehensive and well-planned programmes and services with an aim towards cancer prevention and education. It also provides specialized counseling, emotional and psychological support to anyone affected by cancer. Our service aims to empower more members of the public with right knowledge and skills to help themselves and others through their cancer journey.

The services we provide include:

Cancer Helpline

Everyone has different needs when it comes to cancer. When you are faced with a diagnosis of cancer, you may want to talk to someone about what you are going through. Our aim is to help you through the cancer experience. We can listen to your concerns and help you find ways to cope better.

The Cancer Helpline is a private, confidential and anonymous one-to-one information and counselling service manned by nurse counsellors. They are able to provide up-to-date information on risk factors, signs and symptoms, prevention, early detection and management of treatment side effects. We do not give medical advice or treatment recommendations but help you to clarify doubts and put into perspective what your doctor has told you. Services also include counselling, as well as emotional and psychological support in coping with cancer. Cancer patients can also be connected to health, welfare and cancer support services available in Singapore. 

Public Education Programmes

  • Public Forums held at regular intervals to provide information on various aspects of cancer, focusing on prevention, early detection, diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • CancerWise Workshops aim to empower individuals with comprehensive information on specific cancers, early detection and prevention. These workshops are kept to a small and comfortable size to facilitate optimal interaction of participants with the speakers.
  • Community Outreach is organised in collaboration with community partners to raise cancer awareness in the heartlands. Cancer information will be accessible through exhibits and interactive activities to promote anti-cancer advocacy.

Wig Bank

If you are a patient of National Cancer Centre Singapore, you can borrow wigs from our Wig Bank. This service is complimentary, as we believe in helping you look good when you go through your treatments.

Service includes wig fitting and basic styling.

For wig fitting appointment, please call (65) 6225 5655.

Click here to download - Caring for Your Wig (Eng)
Click here to download - Caring for Your Wig (Chi)


We provide free printed information on various aspects of cancers for you to read and share with others.

  • Salubris is a free quarterly public newsletter with information on general cancers, early detection and prevention, risk factors, signs and symptoms, self-help tips, as well as treatment options.
  • Cancer Information booklets

You may call us if you wish to be on our mailing list for a free copy of the news letter.

Contact Information

For counselling, cancer information and registration for public education programmes, loaning of wig, as well as request for publications, please call the Cancer Helpline at (65) 6225 5655 or email to

 You can also download a copy of these publications from a list of cancer information booklets at the NCCS' website by clicking the tab below.