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Spine Surgery - Preparing for surgery

You will be admitted to hospital either a day before the surgery, or on the day of the surgery. If you have additional medical problems, admission may even be earlier.

Bowel Preparation
You may be instructed to take some medications to help you clear your bowels. Please seek assistance if you need to visit the toilet.

No Smoking
We strongly discourage smoking one week prior to surgery and especially on the night before the surgery. Smoking makes it difficult for you to clear your secretions after surgery, and may impede your recovery.

A physiotherapist may visit you to teach some simple positioning and log rolling in bed preoperatively. She may also teach you breathing and limb exercises that you may be required to perform before and after surgery.

No Food Consumption
You should not consume any food, not even water, after midnight. This is to prevent any vomiting and subsequent breathing of the vomitus into the lung during surgery, which could be life-threatening.

Get a Good Night’s Rest
Have a good night’s sleep before your operation. Do let your doctor or nurse know if you require some medication to help you to sleep.

Personal Items & Valuables
We advise that you leave all your valuables and personal items at home, and to keep not more than ten dollars with you during your stay in the hospital.

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