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Lumbar Puncture

Lumbar Puncture - Symptoms

Lumbar Puncture - How to prevent?

Lumbar Puncture - Diagnosis

Lumbar Puncture - Treatments

What happens during the procedure?

You will be asked to lie on your side in a curled-up position, with your chin and knees tucked into your chest. In this position, the space between the vertebrae of your lower spine is increased so that it would be easier to thread in the thin needle.

Next, the doctor chooses the insertion site, which is between the L4 and L5 vertebrae at your lower back.

  • The puncture area is cleaned and draped with sterile towels
  • A local anaesthetic (numbing medicine) is injected into your skin to minimise your discomfort
  • The spinal needle is inserted
  • Your doctor will measure the CSF pressure and withdraw a sample to be sent to the laboratory for analysis
  • A small sterile dressing is then placed over the puncture site

After the procedure, you should lie on your back to rest for a period until you feel well enough to get up.

Lumbar Puncture - Post-surgery care

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