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Knee Meniscal Injury

Knee Meniscal Injury - What it is

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What is a Knee Meniscal Injury?

The menisci (singular: meniscus) are two C-shaped fibro-cartilaginous structures located in the inside your knee that acts as a cushion inside the knee joint.

Meniscal tears may occur during a trauma or fall and can occur if there is a sudden twisting or rotational force on the knee during sports such as soccer, basketball, or rugby. In older patients, meniscal degenerative tears associated with knee osteoarthritis may occur.

Symptoms of a meniscal tear depend on the size and location of the tear and whether other knee injuries occurred along with it. Symptoms may include pain, swelling, locking, clicking, catching or giving way of the knee.

Knee Meniscal Injury - Symptoms

Knee Meniscal Injury - Causes and Risk Factors

Knee Meniscal Injury - Diagnosis

Knee Meniscal Injury - Post-surgery care

Knee Meniscal Injury - Other Information

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