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Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain - How to prevent?

Chronic Back Pain - Diagnosis

As chronic back pain may be caused by many factors, your doctor will conduct a thorough medical history and physical examination. Imaging tests may be ordered to rule out conditions such as infection, cancer or fractures. Some of the tests ordered are:

X-rays. To check for fractures or other problems in the bone.

MRI. MRI’s can be used to detect conditions including slipped discs, nerve root compression, infections of the bone or spinal canal, fractures or tumours.

CT Scan. Similar function as x-ray but shows greater details.

Nerve Conduction Study / Electromyogram. Also known as NCS and EMG, this is a nerve test that can help to determine the presence of nerve abnormality. The test will help to distinguish between nerve root and muscle disease.

Chronic Back Pain - Preparing for surgery

Chronic Back Pain - Post-surgery care

Chronic Back Pain - Other Information