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Training Future Experts

At the National Cancer Centre Singapore, we are training the next generation of cancer experts. The aim of our academic programme is to attract leading talent to NCCS while retaining emerging stars and established experts.

By supporting clinician-scientists and researchers at different stages in their career, we enable new and creative ideas to come to fruition, and ensure that the best people are in place to develop the life-saving strategies that we need both now, and in years to come.

We provide support, funding, mentoring and outstanding training to build the next generation of scientific and medical leadership. Donate now to help us fund the future leaders of tomorrow.

New academic posts, such as Professorships and Fellowships, will increase our ability to conduct cutting-edge research. In addition, our New Awards recognise excellence, with the goal of ultimately boosting the quality of care for patients and the community.

As a medical hub for Asia, NCCS’ academic programme also plays an important role in bringing clinicians from overseas to Singapore to learn from our experts. This learning is taken back to the clinicians’ home countries to improve standards there, reinforcing Singapore’s role as a leading centre of medical excellence in Asia.

“The Fellowship in Peritoneal Malignancies Research has given me the opportunity to learn from the best. I can now share this cutting-edge knowledge with my colleagues in the hope that one day cancer care standards in Bangladesh will provide hope to more patients in the future.”

- Dr Hasan Shahriar Md Nuruzzaman, Surgical Oncology Fellow

We aim to raise $18.5million to fund six Professorships, three Fellowship Programmes and ten new awards.

To help us fund this programme of academic excellence donate today.

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