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Advancing Medical Education

Advances in medical education

Professor Soo Khee Chee, the founding director of NCCS, spearheaded the partnership between SingHealth and Duke University, bringing Duke-NUS Medical School to Singapore in 2005.

As part of the Oncology Academic Clinical Programme (ONCO ACP) under the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Partnership, NCCS is a leading national and regional hub for oncology education.

Our core mission is to develop medical educators and oncology programmes, provide a world-class learning environment and to promote education scholarship.

Our signature programmes include:

  • Specialist Diploma in Palliative Care Nursing
  • Clinical Oncology Programme at Duke-NUS Medical School
  • Geriatric Oncology Programme
  • Cancer Genetics Programme
  • General Practitioner (GP) Programme

We also provide a number of clinical fellowships and training attachments for professionals from overseas, promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise between foreign oncologists and their local counterparts in Singapore.

Through scholarship and fellowship funding we are taking the lead in developing and nurturing the research leaders of the future, helping their cutting-edge and creative ideas come to fruition, and supporting them in their careers.

Your donation will help us train the next generation of scientific and medical leaders.

Our Nursing Education and Research programme supports nurses working in the cancer field. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care, meeting the physical, social and emotional needs of patients and their caregivers.

As they work so closely with patients, nurses are often involved in developing nursing research programmes which explore the challenges patients face. Our nurses ensure that their research discoveries are brought to the bedside in order to improve patient care.

Through our education programmes we are training the next generation of cancer specialists and investing in a future where patients live longer and cancer can ultimately be cured.

A gift from you helps us to develop and integrate the best patient care initiatives.

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