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NCC Research Fund

Plans are underway for the NCC Research Fund to be subsumed under the umbrella of SingHealth Fund (SHF) as part of the NCCS Cancer Fund in the next few years. NCCS’ Community Cancer Fund was subsumed under SHF as the NCCS Cancer Fund earlier. The causes that the NCCS Cancer Fund supports remain unchanged from those as intended by NCCS for its charitable funds, namely cancer research, cancer patient support and cancer education. Donors who have been giving regularly to the NCC Research Fund will be notified in due course.

Established in 2005, the NCC Research Fund serves as the flagship fundraising and grant-making channel of our Centre by providing seeding and bridging funds for an array of translational and clinical research programmes.

The NCC Research Fund fulfils three objectives:

  • Seeding funds to help our scientists’ kick-start worthy and emerging research projects. By so doing, they build a track record and would be able to apply for sustainable competitive grants from government agencies.
  • Bridging funds between government grant cycles when the need arises, in order to enable our scientists to work with productive momentum.
  • Advancement funds to enhance research related infrastructural capabilities, hardware, tools and processes.

With cancer accounting for more than one in four deaths in Singapore, the Centre plays a pivotal role in the holistic care and multidisciplinary-based treatment of cancer patients. Innovative medicine requires quality research and clinical research is an arduous undertaking. Our doctor-scientists require ample philanthropic support and public understanding in order to usher medical breakthroughs for the benefit of the community.

We firmly believe that today’s research will pave the way for a cure for cancer tomorrow.

Through your support in cancer research, there is hope of overcoming the greatest threat to lives. More lives can be saved.

NCC Research Fund is registered under the Charities Act as an Institution of Public Character (IPC) with an independent Board of Trustees.

Today's Research. Tomorrow's Cure.

Financial Information

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Non-financial Information

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Charity Status

  • Charity Registration No.: 01897 
  • Charity Registration Date: 19 August 2005
  • Gov. Instrument: Rules & Regulations
  • ROS Registration No.: Not Applicable
  • Date of Establishment: 6 May 2005

IPC Status

  • Effective Date: 19 August 2020 to 18 August 2023
  • Member of Central Fund: Health Endowment Fund

NCC Research Fund Board of Trustees

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Audit Committee


Development and Advocacy Panel

Nomination Committee


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