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Florence: "It brings me joy that (my) little actions can motivate someone"

Volunteers at National Cancer Centre Singapore are affectionately known as 'Buddies of NCCS' and they help out with the various programmes we have. As part of our annual Volunteer Appreciation Event, we speak to Florence, who is one of the top contributors of the most volunteer hours in 2018. Florence helps out with the S.N.A.C.Ks programme weekly and hats/knockers distribution monthly. To be a “Buddie of NCCS’ like Florence, click here.

Q: Why did you decide to be a ‘Buddie of NCCS’?

Florence: I am very grateful for the medical care that I have received from NCCS (as a patient).

Q: Can you tell us more about your volunteer duties?

Florence: As a volunteer for the S.N.A.C.Ks programme, we serve hot milo and biscuits to the patients at the Ambulatory Treatment Unit (ATU). 

I also take the opportunity to interact with the patients, create awareness for support group programmes NCCS has, share information on hats and knockers distributions as well as other useful contact information.

Q: What was your most memorable experience as a volunteer?

Florence: My most memorable experience was when patients found out that I am a patient-volunteer, they share that they are motivated and express their desire to join as volunteers too when they recover. It brings me joy to hear that, that my little actions can motivate someone.

Q: Has volunteering influenced your life in anyway?

Florence: Definitely. It helped me to treasure relationships, and appreciate the little things in life more.

Q: Any advice to share with those who are keen on volunteering?

Florence: I would not call it advice, but I would like to tell everyone one of us not to belittle the little things we can do, encourage others and to do so wholeheartedly!