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AHCC Trials Group General Meetings and Newsletters

Since the conception of the AHCC Trials Group in 1997, the AHCC Trials Group Secretariat based currently at the National Cancer Centre Singapore has attended to the general administration and management of the AHCC Trials Group network. The Secretariat manages the network registry, website, social media sites and the publishing of the periodic newsletters to keep the group abreast of any developments and happenings across the network. The Secretariat works closely with academic clinical trials organizations, pharmaceutical and biotech industry partners to organize the General Meetings, Scientific Forums as well as ad-hoc meetings of the trials group.

The Trials Group holds regular General Meeting which give the clinicians opportunities for face-to-face meetings to revisit and align the group’s mission and to discuss current and new therapies available for HCC. Ideas on new studies and feedback on currently recruiting studies are discussed at these meetings and common practices are also shared to have an overall picture of the treatment and management of HCC in Asia-Pacific. In conjunction with the general meeting, the Trials Group also holds its Scientific Forums which are open to all medical professionals and industry partners.

In 2017, the Singapore Liver Cancer Consortium (SLCC) was formed by participating institutions of NMRC-funded Translational-Clinical Research (TCR) National Flagship Program in Liver Cancer (AHCC07: Precision Medicine in Liver Cancer across an Asia-Pacific Network) and the scientific forum was renamed the Symposium of the SLCC. This allows the study team the opportunity to integrate, coordinate and leverage on the strength of the AHCC Trials Group and collaborators.

The SLCC aims to create an internationally competitive HCC platform to develop disruptive technologies for precision medicine in HCC.

More information on the meetings, newsletters and media releases on the AHCC Trials Group can be found at the SCRI website: