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Shared Facilities

Confocal Microscope 

NCCS Research procured a new Zeiss LSM900 confocal microscope to overcome some limitations of traditional wide-field fluorescence microscopes. This equipment is used in various biological science disciplines, from cell biology and genetics to microbiology and development biology. It is particularly useful for imaging (3-D), qualitative analysis and quantification of cells. This confocal microscope is part of NCCS Research central resource. 

Dark Room 

The Dark Room facility is equipped with a tabletop film processor - the Protec COMPACT 2. It is ideal for quality low to medium volume output image processing. The equipment can process wet films and produce superb images in a short time. Newer digital machines are not able to match the image quality of the COMPACT 2 and setting adjustments for the images also take a significantly longer time, which is why the Protec COMPACT 2 is the preferred choice for most of NCCS’ labs. 

Flow Cytometry 

The Flow Cytometry facility is currently equipped with the FACSCanto II Flow Cytometry system. The BD FACSCanto II Analytical Flow Cytometer is equipped with 3 lasers (Violet 405nm, Blue 488nm and Red 633nm) and up to 8 color/4-2-2- optics configuration. 

This facility will be further enhanced with the future addition of 2 more Flow Cytometers - the FACS Symphony A3 and FACS Discover S8. The FACS Symphony A3 is currently equipped with 2 lasers and will be upgraded with more lasers in the future. 

Histology Room 

The Histology facility will house equipment such as Microtomes and Cryostat for microscopic sectioning of frozen and paraffin embedded material for image analysis.   

Lab Support Areas 

Each research floor includes a lab support room or area that is equipped with Fume Hoods, High Speed Centrifuges, Bacteria Shakers, and an Ice Maker. This reduces the time required for researchers to access commonly used core equipment. 


The Laser Capture Microdissection machine is housed within the LCM facility. It provides researchers an additional method for isolating specific cells of interest from microscopic tissues, cells, or organisms.   

Liquid Nitrogen Storage and Cold Rooms 

Each research floor includes a room for storage of liquid nitrogen dewars and a Cold Room for storage of 4°C materials.  

Microscopy Rooms 

Each research floor includes a microscopy room for basic microscopy work. Researchers may use this room to share and house their unique microscopes between labs. 

Sequencing Lab 

The Sequencing lab facility will house equipment such as Plate Readers, PCRs, Gel-Doc and ChemiDoc for various image analyses.

Tissue Processing Room 

The Tissue Processing facility will house equipment such as Tissue Processors, used to prepare samples for analysis and Tissue Embedding Stations to embed biological specimens in paraffin wax blocks after fixing.