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Shared Facilities

Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry facility is equipped with both the BD FACSCaliburTM system and the FACSCanto II Flow Cytometry system. The BD FACSCanto II. Analytical Flow Cytometer is equipped with 3 lasers and up to 8 colours / 4-2-2- optics configuration. Lasers: Violet (405nm), Blue (488nm), Red (633nm). The FACSCalibur has been discontinued. This model has served us well for over 2 decades. It will be used till the end of support or when we are unable to find replacement spare parts to keep it running.

Centrifuge Room

We provide ultra high speed centrifuges, high speed refrigerated centrifuges and a speedvac concentrator in the shared centrifuge facility. The facility is also equipped with a cyrostat for cutting tissues at sub-zero temperatures.

Irradiator Room

We have a Caesium-137 self-contained irradiator machine, which is used to irradiate cell lines and small animals. This irradiator is rare and there are less than three of such models locally. There are similar X-ray irradiator machines which can do the irradiation work but can’t compare on performance.


Within NCCS, equipment is available to produce quality microscopic sections of frozen and parraffin embedded material. We have Automated Tissue Processors, a Tissue Embedding Station, microtomes, cryostats, along with image capture and image analysis.

Dark Room

A tabletop Film Processor, designed for medium- and low- volume processing applications is available. The technology is quite dated but the quality is still superb as compared to the newer dry imaging machines.