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Research Contracts and Commercialisation

Contracts and Compliance Management
Technology Development and Commercialisation 

About Us 
The Contracts and Compliance (C&C) team supports NCCS research efforts by reviewing, negotiating and performing administrative functions for research related agreements, including matters related to HBRA, PDPA and data governance through establishing appropriate processes and policies. 

C&C works in tandem with NCCS researchers and clinicians engaged in research activities with industrial and academic collaborators and ensures that all research agreements comply with NCCS and SingHealth policies, regulatory requirements, MOH policies, as well as applicable local and international laws. 

The Technology Development & Commercialisation (TD&C) office plays an integral role in facilitating the development of innovative solutions that can address unmet clinical needs and contribute to improved patient and healthcare outcomes. 

TD&C actively engages with NCCS clinicians and researchers to help create opportunities and facilitate meaningful collaborations with industry, academia, research, and government partners. Together with our partners, we strive to develop novel inventions and promising research outcomes towards the adoption and commercialisation of the developed solutions to create a social and economic impact in order to benefit patients around the world. 

Our Researchers 
NCCS researchers continuously produce world-class results that have received widespread international recognition. In addition to generating an impressive publication record and a growing reputation, the outcomes of our research include multiple commercially promising technologies which we are looking to bring to market, either via licensing to industry or via spin-offs. The TD&C office proactively pursues the translation of NCCS’s research into tangible products. 

Our Services 
We serve as a one-stop support entity for all research contract related matters, technology development, technology transfer activities, working closely with academia, clinical, and industrial partners to bring potentially impactful ideas to market. Our services include:
  • Managing the following types of agreements: 
    • Non-Disclosure or Confidential Disclosure Agreements 
    • Project Agreements 
    • Research Collaboration Agreements 
    • Data Sharing and Material Transfer Agreements 
    • Memorandums of Understanding 
  • Commercialisation of technologies emanating from the entire breadth of our scope of research 
  • Reviewing inventions to explore potential applications 
  • Evaluating technical and commercial risks 
  • Establishing technology development and commercialisation strategies (including matching development and strategic partners) 
  • Establishing collaborative frameworks with large industrial partners as well as engaging SMEs and start-ups for more focused collaborations 
  • Providing support on IP protection together with the SingHealth Office of Intellectual Property 
  • Providing support on potential spin-offs together with the SingHealth Technology Incubator 

Contact Us 
For further enquiries please email us at