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Specialised Units

Biohazard Rooms

We have a negative pressure facility for virus propagation. The biohazard rooms at the new NCCS consists of: 

  • 1 De-gowning room 
  • 1 General lab with an ultracentrifuge and 
  • 2 Individual labs for specific virus work 

The 2 individual labs come equipped with their own biological safety cabinets which serve as an added precaution against biological agents. Each room comes equipped with its own CO2 incubators, 4/-20 °C combination fridges, -80°C freezers and high-speed centrifuges to prevent cross contamination. Negative pressure is controlled through a series of air flow controls and HEPA filters to ensure that the air is contained within the biohazard suite and is safe to use.

Gamma Irradiator @ SEMC

The new NCCS has a Caesium-137 self-contained gamma irradiator machine that is used to irradiate cell lines and small animals. This is a rare piece of equipment and there are less than three of such models found locally. Similar X-ray irradiator machines can do similar irradiation work but are unable to compare performance-wise. The gamma irradiator is able to emit ionized radiation at high dosages while maintaining silent operation.

Tissue Bank 

For more information, click here.


The Animal Facility has relocated to SingHealth Experimental Medicine Centre (SEMC), the country’s most comprehensive animal-based research facility.  

Safety Office 

The Safety Office oversees workplace and biological safety as well as emergency management in the NCCS research areas. It reports to the NCC Research Biosafety Committee (RBC), which has oversight on all research safety matters. The Safety Office also conducts workplace inspections as well as orientations for new hires so that all staff and students are well prepared in the event of an emergency.