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Research Personnel

DMO research staff comprises clinician scientist/investigators and basic scientists. They collaborate seamlessly to explore the knowledge of cancer mechanism and develop novel cancer treatments to improve patients' lives.

Clinician Scientists

Singapore Translational Research Investigator Award holders:

  • Dr Lim Soon Thye – PI of study ‘National Lymphoma Translational Research Program: From Genomics to Therapeutics’, 2014-2019
  • Dr Tan Eng Huat – PI of study ‘Non-small cell lung cancer: Targeting Cancer Stem Cell and Drug Resistance’, 2013-2018

Clinician Scientist Award holders:

  • Dr Iain Tan Bee Huat – PI of study ‘Customizable circulating tumor nucleic acid assays to monitor disease burden, detect known drug resistance mutations in patients with metastatic gastrointestinal cancers’, 2014-2017

Clinician Scientist Individual Research Grant holders:

  • Dr Choo Su Pin – PI of study ‘An Immunological Study on the effects of radioembolization in combination with anti-PD1 therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma’, 2016-2019
  • Dr Iain Tan Bee Huat – PI of study ‘Identifying genetic dependencies and therapeutic vulnerabilities of metastasis in patient-derived colorectal cancer models’, 2016-2019
  • Dr Toh Han Chong – PI of study ‘Investigating the roles of transcription factor GATA4 in HCC and its tumour microenvironment’, 2016-2019

Clinician Investigators

Breast Oncology ​
Senior Consultant​

​Dr Rebecca DENT
Dr Yoon Sim YAP
Dr Raymond NG


​Dr Guek Eng LEE
Dr Kiley LOH
Dr Tira TAN
Dr Sok Yuen BEH
Dr Tira TAN
Dr Sok Yuen BEH

Gynae Oncology ​
Senior Consultant​

​Dr Elaine LIM

​Consultant​Dr Wen Yee CHAY
Lymphoma Oncology ​
Senior Consultant​

​Prof Soon Thye LIM
Dr Miriam TAO

​Consultant​Dr Mohd Farid
Dr Tiffany TANG
Sarcoma Oncology ​
​Consultant​Dr Mohd Farid
Gastrointestinal Oncology ​
Senior Consultant​

​Dr Su Pin CHOO
A/Prof Han Chong TOH
A/Prof Wen Hsin KOO
A/Prof Simon ONG
Dr Chee Kian THAM
Dr Joanne NGEOW
Dr Matthew NG
Dr Iain TAN

​Consultant​Dr David TAI
Dr Clarinda CHUA
Dr Si-Lin KOO
Thoracic and Head & Neck Oncology ​
Senior Consultant​

​A/Prof Eng Huat TAN
A/Prof Darren LIM
Dr Mei Kim ANG
Dr Chee Keong TOH
Dr Quan Sing NG
Dr Daniel TAN

​ConsultantDr Amit Jain
​Associate Consultant​Dr Wan Ling TAN
Urologic Oncology ​
Senior Consultant​

​Dr Chee Keong TOH
Dr Quan Sing NG


​Principal investigator​Dr Choon Kiat ONG​DMO-Research
​Adjunct Principal investigator​Dr Boon Tin CHUA​A*STAR IMCB
​Adjunct Principal Investigator ​Dr Min-Han TAN​A*STAR IBN