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Division of Radiation Oncology

Head of Division:​Kam Weng FONG
Clinician Scientists:​Joseph WEE
Terence TAN
Francis CHIN
Richard YEO
Fuh Yong WONG
Kheng Wei YEOH
Yoke Lim SOONG
Melvin CHUA
Connie YIP
Jeffrey TUAN
Kiattisa Sommat
Kevin CHUA

Radiation Oncology (then Therapeutic Radiology) was the first department to be formed as the backbone to cancer care in the Singapore General Hospital. It has since grown and established itself as an integral part of the National Cancer Centre Singapore. Traditionally seen as a busy service orientated department, the changing landscape of medicine and evolution of NCCS into an academic centre has seen research and teaching emerge to take an important role in our department today. Radiation Oncology is pursuing research on multiple fronts looking into various aspects such as Radiation technology, Radiobiology and Clinical trials.