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World Cancer Day 2019

World Cancer Day 2019 - NCCS Medical Director Prof William Hwang pledges to ‘cure often, relieve always, and comfort every chance he gets’.

Were you part of this worldwide campaign on 4 February 2019? 

Many of our colleagues also pledged their support for a cancer-free tomorrow, and here's a look at what some of them shared: 

Whether it is the World Cancer Day on 4th February, or any other day throughout the year, and regardless your age - a student, an office worker or even a retiree - you can play a role in this international fight against cancer. 

If you’re unsure of where to start, here are some friendly tips! 

• Encourage a friend who’s diagnosed with cancer

• Adopt a healthier lifestyle

• Offer to help out with a caregiver’s task

• Go for early screening (if appropriate for your age group and/or condition)

In conjunction with World Cancer Day 2019, the NCCS’ Cancer Education and Information Service team held a roadshow at Heartbeat @ Bedok on 23 February 2019. 

The public team and volunteers saw an overwhelming turn-out of over 3,000 attendees, who journeyed through interactive booths and education exhibits on cancer awareness.  

If you missed us at our event, or wish to join us on a learning journey again, reach out to Cancer Helpline at (65) 6225 5655 or email to