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Psychosocial Oncology


Our Objective
To provide psychosocial services to patients and families throughout all phases of the cancer continuum, including prevention, diagnosis, survivorship, terminal care and bereavement.
  •This is to foster coping and mobilise community resources in order to support optimal functioning.
 •Psychosocial services include individual, family and group counselling, education, advocacy, discharge planning, case management and programme development. 
 Our Team
We are a team of social workers who have:
  •a genuine interest in helping / working with others; a sense of sensitiveness to other people’s needs.
 •a belief in the inherent worth of the human being; respect for others.
•idealism but yet equally pragmatic in approach to human concerns and problems.  •commitment.
 •self-respect & self-responsibility.
 •a body of knowledge and practice skills, and a code of ethics to guide us. 
 Many of us also possess specialised skills in helping and we often also take on the role of a:
  •caseworker (primary role of a medical social worker).
 •counsellor / psychotherapist / psychologist.
 •family therapist.
 •grief & bereavement worker.
 •groupwork facilitator.            

 Our Roles
Patient Counselling:
Acceptance & Treatment Related Issues 
 •Self Esteem & Confidence Rebuilding
 •Altered Body-Image
 •Sexuality Counselling
 •Depression Counselling
 •Lifestyle Changes & Adaptation / Role Adjustment
 •Interpersonal Relationship Issues
 •Dying, Grief & Bereavement 

  Family Counselling:
 •Problems in Family Relationships, especially illness-related
 •Grief & Bereavement Issues
 •Caregivers’ Support 
 Practical Assistance includes:
 •Financial Assistance
 •Housing & Shelter (Crisis)
 •Legal & Ethics
 •Care / Discharge Planning

Patient Support Programmes:

Besides the above, the team of medical social workers also run various Patient Support Programmes
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