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Support Groups

Members of the cancer support groups identify themselves with a similar tumor type or have common goal/direction. Most of these support groups are co-led by a volunteer patient leader and a team of healthcare professionals such as medical social worker, nurses and medical physicians. Activities include medical education, health information and psychosocial support.


  • Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Support Group      

    ​17 Sep 2022​Virtual Craftmaking Workshop
    ​10 Dec 2022​Virtual Craftmaking: Clay Dish
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  • Breast Cancer Support Group
    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among women and it can have a severe impact on the patients’ self-esteem. Many of the patients’ needs are multi-faceted. The support group aims to address some of the common concerns and issues experienced by breast cancer patients. The support group is only for patients diagnosed with stage 0 – 3A breast cancer.

    Date/Time ​Topic ​Synopsis

    04 July 2022, Monday

    3.30pm - 5.30pm​

    Online (ZOOM)

    Advanced Treatment in Medical Oncology with Breast Cancer​The advancement in medical oncology has certainly provided more treatment options for breast cancer. Join us for an afternoon of sharing by Dr. Zhang Zewen, on the advanced treatment in medical oncology with breast cancer. ​

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  • Malay Support Group
    In cancer journey, patients would sometimes find it easier to speak to someone who can speak their mother tongue and how patients go through their cancer journey can be influenced by their ethnicity as well. As such, Patient Support Programme has offered Malay Support Group to our Malay-speaking cancer patients and their caregivers as well.

    Date/Time ​Topic ​Synopsis

    ​11 June 2022, Saturday

    3.00pm - 4.30pm

    Peter & Mary Fu Auditorium National Cancer Centre Singapore, Level 4

    Nutrisi untuk Tahun-tahun Emas​

    (Nutrition for the Golden Years)

    Keperluan pemakanan kita akan berubah dengan usia. Adakah anda mempunyai sebarang tanggapan salah yang menghalang pengambilan nutrisi yang betul?

    Marilah bersama pakar diet, Cik Loh Huixin, untuk pengkongsian tentang konsep pemakanan sihat dan bagaimana kita boleh merancang makanan harian kita untuk kehidupan yang lebih sihat.

    Our nutrition needs would change as we age. Do you have any misconceptions that might impede on proper nutritional intake?

    Join dietitian, Ms. Loh Huixin, as she shares on healthy eating concepts and how we can plan our daily meal for a healthier life. ​

    02 July 2022, Saturday

    3.00pm - 4.30pm

    Peter & Mary Fu Auditorium National Cancer Centre Singapore, Level 4 ​

    ​Amalan tidur sihat untuk atasi masalah tidur dan insomnia

    (Healthy Sleep Habits to Improve Sleep Difficulties and Insomnia)

    ​Sesetengah persakit barah mengalami masalah tidur seperti insomnia. Ini boleh menjejaskan jadual dan gaya hidup mereka.

    Walaupun begitu, masalah tidur boleh diperbaiki dengan strategi sleep hygiene.

    Adakah anda ingin tahu dengan lebih lanjut? Marilah menyertai perbualan dengan Irene Teo, psikologis klinikal, tentang petua tidur lena.

    Some cancer patients experience sleep difficulties, the most common being insomnia, and are unable to get adequate rest daily. This can greatly affect their schedule and lifestyle.

    However, some insomnia can be improved with sleep hygiene strategies. Would you like to know what they are?

    Come and join us for this talk with Irene Teo, our Principal Psychologist, who will share tips to sleep better!

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  • Nasopharyngeal Cancer (NPC) Support Group 
    Nasopharyngeal Cancer (NPC) cancer patients often experienced side effects in terms of their sense like taste and smell and these side effects include difficulties in swallowing, loss of taste etc. As these side effects are unique to the cancer types, a support group specially for patients with nasopharyngeal cancer is set up for patients with the cancer diagnosis to come together and share their experiences and encourage one another in their cancer journey.

    Date/Time ​Topic ​Synopsis

    01 July 2022, Friday

    7.00pm - 9.00pm

    Peter & Mary Fu Auditorium National Cancer Centre Singapore, Level 4 ​

    My NPC Journey - 27 Years & Counting​Kok Kiong has been a cancer survivor for 27 years. He also co-leads the NPC support group with the Medical Social Workers at NCCS, where he would reach out and encourage fellow patients and caregivers in the cancer journey. Come and join us for an evening of sharing as Kok Kiong shares his experience and journey. ​

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  • Mandarin Support Group
    As we started our programme for cancer patients, we have received numerous feedback of patients who could only understand Mandarin or prefer the talks to be conducted in Mandarin. Bearing this feedback in mind, we have started this support group with the aim to have some of the common topics in other programme conducted in Mandarin for the benefit of this group of patients.

  • The Revival Connection (TRC) Support Group
    Date/Time ​Topic ​Synopsis

    16 July 2022, Saturday

    2.00pm - 4.00pm

    Room: L2-S2 Academia, Level 2

    Creating A Bucket List

    Making a bucket list is an interesting way to identify activities and experiences that you think will bring you joy and life satisfaction. It allows us to reflect on things that we have wanted to do, whether it’s big or small, purposeful or random. It also offers an opportunity to live our life to the fullest.

    No two bucket lists are the same. How would your list look like?

    Join us for an insightful session with our Principal Medical Social Worker, Ms. Jacinta Phoon, on crafting the unique highlights for your life. ​

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  • Other Events

    Date/Time ​Topic ​Synopsis

    25 June 2022, Saturday

    10.00am - 11.30am

    Online (ZOOM) ​

    Fun with ZOOM II

    Beginner In Having Your Own ZOOM Meeting ​

    ​Join us for this volunteer-facilitated hands-on activity for Zoom beginners! We will learn together in a casual and interactive way to organise your own simple Zoom Meeting, and explore functions such as camera rotation, lighting, inviting attendees, share screen and basic setting.

    Despite the relaxed measures, Zoom still enables us to meet in the safety, comfort, and convenience of our own spaces.

    NOTE: Minimum 10 pax & Maximum 20 pax

    Please register by 15 June 2022

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