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Familial Cancers Research Programme

As up to 30% of all cancers are caused by inherited gene mutations, there is a pressing need to devise better methods of cancer detection, prevention and treatment. At NCCS, our service is in a prime position to do so. Our Familial and Rare Cancers Programme seeks to identify causative mutations of rare and inherited cancers and continues to explore new methods of cancer predisposition screening to promote early detection.

Familial and Rare Cancers Programme at NCCS is an inter-disciplinary service that focuses on personalised patient The care, clinical research, and education from the perspective of cancer genetics.

The programme is staffed by a team of doctors, nurses and genetic counsellors, who are internationally known for their specialisation in breast, gastrointestinal and urological cancers; highlighted by active and ongoing contributions in the cancer genetics field. The programme is led by Senior Consultant, Dr Joanne Ngeow. Dr Ngeow is one of a handful of individuals that received formal training internationally. Her current clinical research focuses on understanding cancer predisposition by studying cancers that cluster in families, and individuals or families with multiple or rare cancer presentations.