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Comprehensive Liver Cancer Clinic


To offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for liver cancer patients by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team.

Liver cancer is prevalent in the Asia-Pacific region which accounts for up to 80% of the world’s total liver cancer cases. The treatment of liver cancer is particularly complex as it is a very heterogeneous disease and requires significant medical expertise to achieve optimal clinical outcome.

New therapies and more efficacious treatment combinations and approaches are continually being developed for liver cancer. The choice of the best treatment for an individual patient depends on many factors including the stage of the cancer, the general health of the patient and the availability of expertise and therapeutics. As with many other complex cancers, the best outcome with liver cancer occurs when the patient is looked after by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists with individual expertise in the different modalities of treatment relevant to liver cancer.

The heart of any clinical cancer program is the multi-disciplinary clinic and tumour board discussions. The Comprehensive Liver Cancer Clinic (CLCC) at the National Cancer Center Singapore brings all the different specialists together to work around the patient. Thus, this avoids multiple appointments with various specialists at different locations.

Patients attending the clinic may be seen by one or more of the relevant specialists at the same session where appropriate. Each case is different and hence the multi-disciplinary team will comprehensively assess the patient’s disease and treatment needs. The team then creates a consensus or joint treatment plan tailored for the patient based on the latest scientific evidence and the combined clinical experience of the team.

The CLCC as part of the comprehensive NCCS set-up is able to offer patients the benefits of its wealth of experience, all the latest scientific breakthroughs and access to clinical trials of new treatments.