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Emotional Support

Being diagnosed with cancer is a life-changing event. It is normal for you and your loved ones to feel worried, anxious, sad, fearful or angry. However, when these feelings get in the way of your daily life, affect your relationships or change the way you see yourself, it is important to seek professional help.

How we can help

We offer counselling and group support to help you and your caregivers cope throughout your cancer journey. You could be newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, have completed treatment or receiving end-of-life care.


If you find yourself emotionally overwhelmed, or you have difficulties coping with treatment or your diagnosis, you may find it useful to talk to a medical social worker or clinical psychologist. We offer both individual and family counselling. There is no charge for our counselling services. Contact us to request an appointment.

You may want to speak with someone from our department if you have concerns about any of the following:

  • Feeling sad and you notice your mood is low
  • Feeling overwhelmed from worries
  • Adjusting to your diagnosis and life changes
  • Coping with physical and behavioural changes (low energy levels, sleep difficulties, quit smoking, etc)
  • Difficulties with body image, sexuality and relationships

For caregivers and families of patients:

  • Supporting children whose family member has been diagnosed with cancer
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a caregiver
  • Difficulties coping following the death of a loved one


6306 1777 or leave a message

Request appointment:

6436 8088 or leave a message

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Yes, for continuity of care, the same medical social worker or clinical psychologist will be attending to you unless the staff is unavailable (e.g. on long leave).
Our department works with patients who are facing cancer-related difficulties. If your counselling needs fall outside this scope, we may refer you to services that can support you more appropriately.
Our counselling service offers support to NCCS patients and their caregivers on cancer-related concerns.
For non-NCCS patients, we can help you by connecting you with services that are available in the medical institutions that you are seeking treatment or other community agencies that can help you.
Our patient support programme is open to all individuals living with cancer and their caregivers in Singapore.
Our department provides bereavement support for bereaved spouses or loved ones, including children of late patients, on a one-to-one-basis or group setting. Please contact us for more details.
You will be seen in DPO for matters related to your illness. However, you may have other needs that is not illness-related, for example, managing children with learning disorders, receiving financial assistance for daily living expenses etc. For these needs, you may be referred to other social service agencies.

Contact us for any enquiries or to request an appointment.