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Lung Multidisciplinary Clinic

The Lung Multidisciplinary Clinic is a one-stop clinic for lung cancer patients who need multidisciplinary treatment. The Clinic facilitates treatment management decisions to be made in consultation with different specialties at the same appointment.

Meet the Lung Multidisciplinary Clinic’s team of specialists

Why is the Lung Multidisciplinary Clinic required and how does it improve outcomes?

Lung cancer management at different stages is complex. Some patients may benefit from a combination of different types of treatment, and in some cases, treatment choice and sequence may be important. Consulting with different specialists provides opportunities for patients to receive personalised treatment recommendations.

For example, a patient with locally advanced stage 3 lung cancer may benefit from both systemic treatment, such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy, as well as a local therapy such as radiotherapy or surgery. Depending on the patient, a combination of these treatments may be recommended. Simultaneous discussions with specialists from different disciplines in a single clinic visit can facilitate treatment decisions and expedite start of treatment, which is important to improving treatment outcomes.

Example of a typical consultation and treatment process for complex lung cancer cases:

Example of lung cancer consultation at a multidisciplinary clinic and subsequent treatment:

Details and Referrals to the Lung Multidisciplinary Clinic

The Lung Multidisciplinary Clinic is held every week at NCCS. A patient may consult two or more different specialists at one visit, depending on their individual lung cancer condition. Before their visit, a coordinator will contact the patient to explain more about the appointment.

For Clinic referrals:

  • Patients of SingHealth institutions can approach their primary physician for more information on the Lung Multidisciplinary Clinic at NCCS.
  • Self-referred patients can email the NCCS Patient Liaison service at to request for information on the Lung Multidisciplinary Clinic.