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Request for Medical Report

If you are making claims from your insurance company or if you require a medical report, kindly take note that a medical report is prepared by our doctors only upon receipt of an application with payment.

If you are the patient - please submit Form A and Form C.

If you are applying for a patient who has deceased or is mentally incompetent- please submit Forms A, B and C.

Please ensure all fields are completed and filled out correctly to avoid delays in processing. We can only process your application upon fulfilling the verification and receipt of all necessary forms, supporting documents and payment.

Enquiries and Operating Hours:

Tel: (65) 6306 1246

Mon to Fri : 8.00am to 5.00pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

By Email

Scan and submit your forms and supporting documents at

In Person

  1. Please call (65) 6306 1246 to make an appointment to submit your forms and supporting documents at the Patient Service Centre, Level 1, NCCS.
  2. Once you have arrived at the Patient Service Centre for your appointment, please call (65) 6306 1246 and we will meet with you.

By Mail

  1. Mail your forms and supporting documents to :
    National Cancer Centre Singapore
    Health Information Management Services
    30 Hospital Boulevard, Singapore 168583

  2. If your mode of payment is via cheque , made payable to National Cancer Centre with the patient’s full name and NRIC at the back of the cheque. Mail the consent form, cheque and other relevant documents.



• Patients aged 21 years and above.
• A patient who is a minor may apply for a medical report with the consent of both parents or legal guardian.
• Interested third parties, with the consent of the patient.
• In the case of a deceased or mentally incompetent patient, the written consent of his authorized representative or all his immediate next-of-kin must be obtained for the release of the medical report
 Type Of Medical Report  Description

(Inclusive Of GST)

Ordinary Medical Report Provides the relevant facts about the medical condition and treatment/medication the patient is receiving. Report is in the form of a written report.  $121.00 
Completion of Insurance Form

Report is in the form of a medical insurance form questionnaire.
Information required may consist of diagnosis, name of procedure, and details of medical condition or treatment given.

Specialist Medical Report /
Percentage Disability Report
A Specialist Medical Report is a medical report in response to requests that requires the doctor's specific opinion and prognosis of your medical condition. This may require an assessment and a review of the patient at the Specialist Outpatient Clinic and specialist consultation will be borne by the patient separately. This is in addition to further tests such as radiological images or laboratory investigation procedures that are required for the completion of the Specialist Medical Report.   $222.00
Admin Fee for Duplication of
Medical Certificate
A certified true copy of the Medical Certificate issued by the clinics.  $12.00
Admin Fee for Duplication of Referral Letter A certified true copy of Referral Letter from polyclinics or other medical institutions.  $12.00
Admin Fee for Duplication of Day Surgery Report/ Hospital
Inpatient Discharge Summary
A duplicate copy of the Day Surgery / Hospital Inpatient Discharge Summary. It will provide brief information of the surgery, diagnosis and procedure.   $12.00
Admin Fee for Duplication of
Investigation Results
Selective duplicate copies of investigation results such as blood test results, investigation reports (ECG, Electrophysiology, EMGS), X-ray and other radiological reports can be made available.  $12.00
Admin Fee for Memo  

Provides basic information as specified by the patient.

The regular consultation and hospitalisation fees paid do not include the cost for medical report. A fee to be levied for this additional service of providing medical reports to cover the hospital's administrative costs and the doctor's professional inputs. This is a standard practice across all Public Healthcare Institutions.

Timeline for Request Completion

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing of requests. Delays in prompt processing may be the result of:

  • Patient’s upcoming clinic appointments;
  • Patient has been warded;
  • Reports requested from several clinical departments;
  • The doctor is away on leave.

For enquiries, please contact us at (65) 6306 1246 or