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​Using MediShield Life

MediShield Life (Basic) is a low-cost catastrophic medical insurance scheme which helps MediSave account holders and their dependants meet the cost of treatment for serious and prolonged illnesses.

If you are covered under MediShield Life at the time of your hospitalisation/treatment, you may claim part of your hospital bill from MediShield Life, by simply informing the staff handling your admission that you wish to make a MediShield claim. Non-Singaporeans who are covered by MediShield Life should inform the admission staff of their CPF account number.

The hospital will submit the MediShield Life claim on your behalf to the CPF Board. After processing, the Board will pay directly to the hospital. The remaining amount not covered by MediShield Life may then be settled by patients either with MediSave or cash or both.

The benefits of MediShield Life for outpatient cancer treatment:

Treatment type​Payout


- External or superficial

- Brachytherapy

$140 per session

$500 per session

​Maximum Claim Limits ​
​Per policy year​$100,000
​Lifetime​No limit
​Maximum Cover Age​No maximum age
​Co-insurance Payable by insured

For more information on MediShield Life scheme, you can refer to the MediShield Life information on MOH's website. You can also contact the CPF Board at 1800- 6227 1188 (toll-free) or visit their website. Ministry of Health at Tel : 1800-225 4122.