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Sarcoma - Symptoms

Many patients first consult a doctor because of a lump or mass on the trunk, leg or arm. The lump may or may not be painful. The sarcoma is diagnosed when biopsy (removal of piece of tissue) of a lump on the arm, leg or trunk is examined under a microscope by the pathologist (doctor who specialises in examining tissue under a microscope). Bone cancers are commoner in the shoulder and knee areas compared to other areas of the body.

When the cancer is advanced there may be weight loss, loss of appetite, or prolonged fever. Other symptoms are referable to the site of the sarcoma, such as feeling of fullness on eating, indigestion, and gastric pain when a stomach sarcoma is present and bleeding from the vagina when a uterus sarcoma is present.

Sarcoma - How to prevent?

Sarcoma - Preparing for surgery

Sarcoma - Post-surgery care

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