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Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Nasopharyngeal Cancer - Causes and Risk Factors

Nasopharyngeal Cancer - Treatments

Early nasopharyngeal cancer is treated by radiotherapy. A team led by a radiation oncologist, a doctor who specialises in giving radiotherapy, plan radiation therapy. Radiation is given to an area that covers the region around the nasopharynx and the neck and down to the collarbone. Temporary side effects include redness and peeling of the skin of the neck and cheek area, dryness of the mouth, mouth ulcers and loss of appetite. 

Chemotherapy is sometimes used as part of the treatment. Chemotherapy uses drugs that kills cancers when it has spread to other parts of the body such as lungs, liver, and bones. The drugs are injected into the hand veins. 

Chemotherapy may also be used in combination with radiotherapy to improve the efficiency of radiotherapy. Due to the location of the cancer, surgery is not commonly used. In some patients, surgery may be used to remove lumps in the neck that have persisted or returned after treatment with radiotherapy. 

Surgery may also be considered when the cancer in the nasopharynx recurs despite radiotherapy and there is no spread of cancer elsewhere in the body.

Prognosis of Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Clinical examinations, x-rays and pathology reports all help the medical team decide what the progress of an individual case of Nasopharyngeal Cancer may be. Then, the appropriate course of treatment will be put into action. The treatment strategy will vary from person to person. With prompt and appropriate treatment, the outlook for a person with Nasopharyngeal Cancer is reasonable. Early disease limited to nasopharyngeal can be cured with radiation in large majority.

Nasopharyngeal Cancer - Preparing for surgery

Nasopharyngeal Cancer - Post-surgery care

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