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CanSurvive 2019: Equipping and Empowering Cancer Survivors

Life after cancer can look daunting to many, and understandably so. But thriving, and not just enduring, is possible, when one is equipped and empowered to own it. The National Cancer Centre Singapore aims to help patients and caregivers do just that, by sharing the right knowledge, skills and mindset. 

Globally, cancer survivorship is celebrated in honour of survivors, to raise awareness on the challenges of cancer survivorship, and to celebrate life. CanSurvive is NCCS' annual signature event in celebration of survivors. 

Themed 'Be equipped. Be empowered', the team took to the heartlands with a curated line-up of talks, sharing sessions and activities. This year's event was designed to spark conversations on common challenges encountered by patients after cancer, and also topics which are not widely discussed, yet are very real in this journey of recovery and rehabilitation. They included myths and facts on cancer nutrition, body image and sexuality, and appropriate fitness regimes for survivors. 

A member of the public learning about cancer through a simple educational game.

Thrive, not strive. Breast cancer survivor, Daphne Tan, sharing her story at CanSurvive 2019. 

NCCS' music interest group, Recital of Joy (ROJ), performing at CanSurvive 2019. ROJ is made up of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and their family members. No experience required. Find out more here.

Recital of Joy performing at CanSurvive 2019.

Don't walk the cancer journey alone. Join a community of friends and supporters. 

Fitness tips for the young and younger!

Wig styling and patient support services are available at NCCS. Reach out to us to find out more. 

Do you know what the different types of breast conditions are? 

ng to the beats and rhythm of hope and fun!

Break-out rooms for participants to learn and discuss on popular topics surrounding cancer, ranging from body image and sexuality issues to the dos and don'ts when it comes to exercising. 

A big thank you to all our volunteers, partners and speakers for making this celebration a success! 


CanSurvive was part of the National Cancer Centre Singapore's cancer survivorship celebratory weekend held on 9 June 2019. A charity rowing event, Row for Hope 2019 Boat Races, took place the day before on 8 June 2019. Row for Hope saw over 160 rowers and dragon boaters racing down the waters by Marina Bay, raising fund and awareness for cancer survivorship.