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Visitor Policy


  1. My mother has an appointment for chemotherapy, can I accompany her to the Ambulatory Treatment Unit for her chemo session?

    The Ambulatory Treatment Unit is a high-risk area as patients receiving chemotherapy treatment are immunocompromised and more vulnerable to infections. To protect this group of patients, one accompanying person is allowed in the Ambulatory Treatment Unit waiting area at NCCS.

  2. Can my 2 children accompany me to NCCS for my appointment?

    Due to COVID-19, the number of accompanying persons allowed has been limited to reduce the possibility of disease transmission. For their safety, children under 12 years old are strictly not allowed into NCCS. 


  1. I’m feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms and a fever, should I come for my appointment?

    If you feel unwell, you should not come for your appointment at NCCS. Please call the NCCS Call Centre at (65) 6436 8088 to reschedule your appointment.

    Please wear a mask and seek medical attention if feeling unwell.