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  1. What is COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)?

    Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are known to cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to pneumonia (a more severe lung infection). The evidence suggests that COVID-19 spreads mostly via droplets, like the way the common cold or flu spreads. An individual may become infected if these droplets come into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth or directly or indirectly through hands that have come into contact with the droplets.
    For latest updates on COVID-19, please visit MOH’s website at

  2. What are the signs of COVID-19?

    COVID-19 causes cold or flu-like symptoms. These may include fever, cough, runny nose, loss of smell, sore throat or difficulty breathing. It can cause serious problems, such as pneumonia and even death, especially in the elderly and people with underlying health problems or weak immunity.

  3. How can I protect myself from COVID-19?

    1) Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to kill germs
    2) Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, especially with unwashed hands
    3) Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects such as your mobile phone, door handles and taps and sinks in the home
    4) Practice safe distancing – stay away from crowded places or gatherings
    5) Stay home as much as possible
    6) Wear a mask, if you really need to leave the house to get essentials


  1. What is NCCS doing to protect patients and visitors?

    Screening counters have been set up at the entrance of NCCS to screen everyone before they enter NCCS. Patients and their accompanying persons are required to complete an online health declaration form and walk past a thermal scanner for temperature screening before they enter NCCS. As NCCS is a high- risk medical setting, all who enter NCCS must wear a surgical mask at all times when in the Centre.

  2. What should I do when I arrive at NCCS for my appointment?

    All patients and accompanying persons must complete an online health declaration form at when they arrive at NCCS. The completed declaration form must be shown to the triage and screening counters located at the entrance of NCCS. Please make sure that you fully declare your travel history and health condition. Under the Infectious Diseases Act, anyone making false declarations can be prosecuted. Accompanying persons who are unwell will not be allowed to enter NCCS.

    As part of national contact tracing efforts, patients and accompanying persons must check-in to the SafeEntry system with their identification card/passport. Please ensure that you and your accompanying person bring along your identification cards/passports, when you come for your appointment.

  3. How can I speed up the screening process at NCCS?

    To speed up the declaration process, follow these following steps:  

    1. Complete the online health declaration form found here before arriving at NCCS.  
    2.  Alternatively, when you arrive at NCCS, look out for posters with the QR code to the online health declaration form. Scan the QR code to complete your health declaration.  
    3. After completing the form, keep the browser tab open.
    4. Check in using SafeEntry. 
    5. Show the online declaration screen to the staff at the screening counter before entering NCCS.  

  4. I do not have a mask, will NCCS provide a mask when I am there for my appointment?

    Yes, you will be provided with a surgical mask, which you must wear at all times while you are in NCCS.

  5. Where can my caregiver and I buy food and drinks near NCCS?

    The nearest food and beverage outlets are at the National Heart Centre Singapore or SGH. Please note that no eating or drinking is allowed within NCCS due to infection control and safe distancing measures to keep our patients protected.

  6. I am a patient, and my family member staying in the same household has a Stay at Home Notice (SHN), can I still come for my appointment at NCCS?

    Yes, patients who are well with no flu-like symptoms and/or fever can still come to NCCS for their scheduled appointment.


  1. Can my caregiver accompany me to the Ambulatory Treatment Unit (ATU)?

    The ATU is a high-risk medical setting where patients have a higher risk of getting the virus than the general population. Due to strict safe distancing measures, accompanying persons/caregivers are strictly NOT allowed in the ambulatory treatment unit (ATU) with effect from 8 April 2020.

    Accompanying persons can drop the patient at the triage area at the entrance of NCCS. During treatment, the patient will be informed of the estimated end time of the treatment to make arrangements for pickup. If the patient needs assistance to contact their accompanying person, please fill in the form provided at the triage counter with the relevant contact details.

  2. Is my Caregiver allowed to accompany me for my appointment at NCCS Specialist Outpatient Clinic?

    ONE accompanying person per patient is allowed in the Specialist Outpatient Clinics and other patient areas (excluding the Ambulatory Treatment Unit) in NCCS. Each patient must have the same accompanying person for the whole duration of their visit to NCCS. There must be no switching of accompanying persons during the visit. Accompanying persons must wear a mask at all times when in NCCS.
    For their safety, children below 12 years old are not allowed to enter NCCS during this time.

  3. Can my 2 children accompany me to NCCS for my appointment?

    Due to COVID-19, the number of accompanying persons allowed has been limited to reduce the possibility of disease transmission. For their safety, children under 12 years old are strictly not allowed into NCCS during this time.

  4. I am a caregiver, but I was issued Stay-Home Notice (SHN) / Leave of Absence (LOA)/ MOH Quarantine Order (QO), can I accompany my family member for an appointment?

    If you have been issued SHN/LOA/QO, you should not leave your home or place of accommodation. Please do not accompany your family member, as you will not be permitted to enter NCCS for infection control purposes.


  1. I’m feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms and a fever, should I come for my appointment?

    If you feel unwell, you should not come for your appointment at NCCS. Please call the NCCS Call Centre at (65) 6436 8088 to reschedule your appointment.

    Please wear a mask and seek medical attention as soon as possible at a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC), where a GP can evaluate your symptoms. You can find an updated list of PHPCs at

    At the clinic, you should declare travel history (if any) and if you have had close contact* with a confirmed case of COVID-19 infection, or have been to one of the known COVID-19 clusters in Singapore.

    *Close contact is defined as:
    - Anyone who provided care for the patient, including a health care worker or family member, or who had other similarly close physical contact;
    - Anyone who stayed (e.g. household members) at the same place as a case;
    - Anyone who had close (i.e. less than 2m) and prolonged

  2. I have been issued a Stay-Home Notice (SHN) /Leave of Absence (LOA)/ MOH Quarantine Order (QO), who should I inform to reschedule my appointments?

    If you have been issued SHN/LOA/QO, you should not leave your home or place of accommodation. Please call the NCCS Call Centre at (65) 6436 8088 and let them know the reason and they will assist to reschedule your appointment.

  3. I am a foreign patient who has an upcoming appointment at NCCS but I can’t enter Singapore because of the travel restrictions. What should I do?

    Please email with your details or call tel no: (65) 6236 9433 for assistance.


  1. Can I still go for treatment/ CT scan/ Mammogram/ blood test during this period?

    Yes, patients who have scheduled appointments for essential treatment or scans should proceed with their appointment.

    If you are concerned about coming to NCCS for your appointment at this time, please call the NCCS Call Centre at (65) 6436 8088 and ask that your doctor reviews your case to determine the appropriate options for your care.

  2. Can I ask to speak with my doctor if I have concerns/experiencing chemo side effects?

    For urgent cases, we can arrange for your doctor to call you to discuss your concerns. Please allow some time as your doctor may be seeing patients.
    Please ensure that our Call Centre staff have your updated contact details so that your doctor can call you back to discuss your case.


  1. Are there controls to keep me safe when I’m collecting my medicine at NCCS?

    With effect from 13 April 2020, NCCS has implemented enhanced infection control measures to facilitate safe distancing at NCCS Pharmacy.

    Patients who have prescriptions should take note of the following:

    - Patients with prescriptions from our Specialist Outpatient Clinics will have their medication delivered to their home. Our nursing and clinic staff will confirm the patient's delivery address and contact number to arrange for the delivery.

    - Patients who require a) injectables for administration in clinics, b) controlled drugs and c) urgent antibiotics, will be directed to wait in the treatment rooms. The pharmacist will bring them to the patients.

    - Patients without a clinic appointment who have a prescription for re-supply of medication, should choose medication delivery. Please call the pharmacy at (65) 6436 8091 to make the arrangements.
    Patients who come to NCCS just to collect their medication, should hand their prescription to the pharmacy staff. Their medication will be delivered to their home.

  2. I’m running out of my medication but prefer not to come to NCCS during this time to get more. What should I do?

    Please call NCCS Call Centre at (65) 6436 8000 for assistance. Ensure that you give the staff your contact number. Our staff will check with your treating doctor and call you back to advise on suitable arrangements. Please ensure that you have at least 2 weeks remaining supply of medication when you call us.

  3. My appointment has been rescheduled, but my medication is not enough to last till my rescheduled appointment. What should I do?

    Call the NCCS Call Centre at (65) 6436 8000 for assistance. Ensure that you give the staff your contact number. Our staff will check with your treating doctor and call you back to advise on suitable arrangements.

    For certain medications, it is possible to have the prescription extended till the date of your rescheduled appointment and have the medication delivered to your home. Your treating doctor will check which medications you are on and advise. Please ensure that you have at least 2 weeks remaining supply of medication when you call us.

  4. How long does it take for medication delivery? When will my medication be delivered?

    Please call the pharmacy at (65) 6436 8091 to make the arrangements and kindly ensure that you have at least 2 weeks remaining supply of medication. You will be called back within 5 working days to discuss arrangements for your medication delivery.

    If you have your prescription with you and need assistance with a medication refill, you may call NCCS Call Centre at (65) 6436 8000 for assistance. We seek your understanding that there may be some delays in delivery due to the current capacity of delivery companies during this period.