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Support for Patients


At NCCS we help patients fight cancer every day. We do this through our ground-breaking research and advanced patient care programmes.

With the support of our kind donors we provide financial assistance for patients in need as well as other vital services such as a Cancer Helpline, Wig Bank, volunteer services and much more.

Donate today to help us support more patients.

Financial Assistance

Patients are faced with emotional and financial burdens as they live with the disease. We provide financial assistance for patients in need. We support treatment costs, living costs and transport allowances that help low-income patients preserve their quality of life.

Cancer Helpline

The Cancer Helpline service is a lifeline for patients and their caregivers. Our trained Nurse Counsellors answer over 4,500 calls per year. They listen to patient’s concerns and provide information and support.

Wig Bank

For 19 years, the Wig Bank has been loaning wigs to patients to help them regain their confidence, and feel more like themselves during their treatment and beyond.

One patient told us: “The transformation was out of this world. One minute I had no hair, and then I had. The wig made such a huge difference.”

Knit for Hope

Led by cancer survivor, Ms Ee, our Knit for Hope volunteers knit comfortable and stylish hats for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

We run outreach and educational activities with community partners to raise cancer awareness and provide information on cancer prevention and detection. Our Cancer Publications are available online and in print, to anyone who needs them.

This vital work would not be possible without the generosity of our donors.

Donate now and help us to support more patients.

For more information on Cancer Support Programmes delivered by NCCS click here.

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