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Pressing on with a positive spirit

In August 2018, Ms. Dwi S experienced unusual vaginal bleeding. As she was very busy with work and felt no pain, she attributed it to stress and hormonal changes, and delayed seeing a doctor.

In mid-October 2018 however, the bleeding became more severe and she recalled feeling faint. She went to the hospital’s Accident and Emergency department and was later referred to a specialist who performed various tests and scans. A large tumour was discovered in her cervix and further tests confirmed that it was Stage 3C cervical cancer. Ms. Dwi S felt like her whole world had collapsed and broke down in tears.

She underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy to treat her cancer. However, during treatment, her doctor, Dr. Soong, noticed that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. He promptly revised her treatment plans, making sure that she received the appropriate care.

The effects of her treatment caused her to experience symptoms of nausea, weakness and pain. It was so intense that Ms. Dwi S could no longer work. The sudden lack of a steady income only further magnified her stress, worrying incessantly about her living expenses and meeting the cost of medical bills. Upon Dr. Soong’s recommendation, she met with a medical social worker (MSW) at NCCS for financial counselling and much-needed emotional support. With the MSW’s help, she was able to receive financial support from the NCCS Cancer Fund to cover the costs of her MRI and PET scans. This helped relieve some of her stress and made her feel supported in her cancer journey.

In June 2019, Ms. Dwi S finally received the news that she had been waiting for – her tests and scans showed that the tumours in her cervix and lymph nodes were gone. She expressed immense gratitude towards her family, friends, the NCCS healthcare team for supporting, and especially Dr. Soong Yoke Lim from NCCS, whom she endearingly calls “my hero”.

Thankful for a new lease of life, she joined the NCCS Volunteer Group as she wanted to give back and help other cancer patients. While assisting patients with their registration and distributing drinks during their clinic visits, Ms. Dwi S encourages them in their fight against cancer.

Unfortunately, in July 2021, Ms. Dwi S was dealt another blow – the cancer had returned and spread to her liver. Ms. Dwi S is determined to stay positive and encourage others to do the same. “Life is short, so don’t get stressed over things that are not within your control. Don’t give up and fight on,” said Ms. Dwi S.

You can join us in our fight against cancer through various ways:

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