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Our Work in the Community


At NCCS we see 70% of all public cancer patients in Singapore. We are part of the local community. We see awareness and education programmes as an essential component of our work.

We aim to reach out to as many people in the community as possible. We do this through our roadshows in the Heartlands, by distributing publications and by educating the population face to face at schools, workplaces or community centres.

Through this work we hope to reduce the risk of cancers triggered by lifestyle and environmental factors, to increase the uptake of screening and improve knowledge of cancer symptoms to boost early detection rates. This work is only possible with support from people like you.

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Community Outreach

We run cancer awareness roadshows and educational activities with community partners in the Heartlands to raise awareness, and to provide information on cancer prevention and detection. Last year we reached over 100,000 people, helping them to learn more about cancer.

Cancer Publications

Our printed and online Cancer Publications are provided free to anyone who needs them. The brochures provide detailed, comprehensive information which helps patients navigate their cancer experience. They provide an easy-to-understand guide to everything a patient needs to know about a diagnosis and the disease. To order a brochure click here.

Education Programmes

Our Cancer Awareness Health Talks are conducted at the workplace, in schools, community clubs as well as at welfare organisations. We use these talks to encourage the community to be proactive in the prevention and early detection of cancer and provide advice on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer.

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