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Leave Your Legacy

Legacy gifts are a way of leaving behind a lasting impact upon a cause or organisation close to the heart when assets are fully executed upon a donor’s passing.

Through the NCCS Legacy Giving Programme, donors can pledge their properties, Central Provident Fund (CPF), savings or life insurance policies to NCCS Cancer Fund in their Will.

Benefits of Making a Will

Contrary to what many people think, not all money and possessions may be transferred automatically to a spouse or relatives after their death. Without a Will, the Government will decide how your estate or wealth is to be divided, which can cause unnecessary anxiety and “red tape” for your loved ones.

Making a Will can bring great satisfaction and peace of mind, as you know your family will be provided for, and any charitable wishes will be honoured. Your legal advisor can make amendments to your Will to include NCCS as a beneficiary, if you so desire.

Why is Legacy Giving Important?

Legacy gifts to NCCS are very meaningful. They provide long-term support that is crucial in helping us to meet our future challenges and ensures sustainability of our patient support initiatives and research programmes.

The plans you make today help define your legacy and ensure your wishes are carried out. There are several ways your legacy gift can be structured for use:

  • Designated gifts which are applied to specific programmes
  • Area-of-interest gifts which are applied to specific projects

Types of Legacy Gifts

Donors can include a provision in their Will directing the gift to NCCS Cancer Fund after their death or the death of one of their survivors. Legacy Gifts come in many forms. Here are a few to consider:

  • Savings and properties can be pledged through a Will
  • CPF savings through a CPF nomination
  • Life insurance policies through your insurance companies

How do I Make a Legacy Gift?

Should you require professional advice from a financial planner, a lawyer, an accountant or an insurance agent, we would be happy to link you up to discuss about leaving a legacy gift.

For more information, please contact:

Ng Xian Hui

Community Partnership

Division of Community Outreach and Philanthropy

DID: 6376 3641; Email:

Mathilda De Boer

Community Partnership

Division of Community Outreach and Philanthropy

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