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Funding Innovative Research

Plans are underway for the NCC Research Fund to be subsumed under the umbrella of SingHealth Fund (SHF) as part of the NCCS Cancer Fund in the next few years. NCCS’ Community Cancer Fund was subsumed under SHF as the NCCS Cancer Fund earlier. The causes that the NCCS Cancer Fund supports remain unchanged from those as intended by NCCS for its charitable funds, namely cancer research, cancer patient support and cancer education. Donors who have been giving regularly to the NCC Research Fund will be notified in due course.

Funding innovative research

1 in 4 of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime.

At NCCS, we aim to Make More Survivors. We want to eradicate cancer so that the next generation can live without the fear of a cancer diagnosis.

Over the past 40 years, survival rates for cancer patients in Singapore have tripled for men and have doubled for women. This is thanks to the great progress cancer research has made.

World-leading scientists, right here at NCCS, are revolutionising cancer treatment. They are doing pioneering, innovative research to find the breakthroughs that will change how we understand, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure cancer.

Your gift can help us to Make More Survivors.

   Donate online today to help save lives.

All donations will support patient care, cancer research and cancer education.