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The Funds

NCCS has two funds:

​NCC Research Fund​NCCS Cancer Fund

NCC Research Fund provides:

1. Seeding funds to help NCCS scientists kickstartworthy and emerging research projects; and build a track record that enhances
their application eligibility for sustainable competitive grants.

2. Bridging funds that fill critical gaps. This keeps the productive momentum of research between grant cycles when main funding
sources are unavailable.

3. Advancement funds to enhance research related infrastructural capabilities, hardware, tools and processes.

NCCS Cancer Fund supports:

1. Financial assistance and psychosocial welfare for needy NCCS patients and their families.

2. Educational programmes, services and materials for patients, caregivers and volunteers; medical, nursing and paramedical
professionals as well as the public, for better patient care and cancer prevention.
3. Improvements in infrastructure, equipment, facilities, consumables and processes for enhancement of patient care.